Pro-Life Links

Abortion facts, information and educational videos - American Portrait Films

Abortions in Florida by county - Abortions in Florida

Adoption - Florida Baptist Children's Homes

Florida's Adoption Program

National Council for Adoption

Advertiser on billboards, buses and monthly newsletter - Life Can

African American pro-life curriculum for churches and community outreach - Black Genocide

Blog here in Jacksonville - Inversehalo

Books, fliers and posters at reasonable rates - Hayes Publishing

Building a society that respects and protects all human life - American Life League

Catholics United for Life, Jacksonville office - Tom Masters 318-3517

Challenging the agenda of the abortion mills -
Life Decisions International

Checks with a pro-life message - Promise Checks

Children are not punishment teeshirt - American Elephant

Companies that invest in abortion - Moral Money

Doula with discounted rates if you mention our website - Becca

Educating students about abortion and provide them ways to educate others - Abort 73

Florida Right To Life


Florida's Foster Care - DCF

Fr. Frank Pavone and his strong pro-life message - Priests for Life

Healing after abortion.  Confidential and compassionate - Rachel's Vineyard Retreat

Information, research and education - Children of God for Life

Internet search engine which donates to pro-life organizations - ProLife Internet

Justice for the unborn, disabled and elderly - Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Laws to protect human life - Americans United for Life

License plates in Florida that give back to local pregnancy centers - Choose Life License

Links to additional pages including quotes from Ronald Reagan - Pro-Life links

News on abortion and euthanasia - Life News

News and commentary on life oriented issues - Pro-Life Blogs

Precious Feet pins, Precious Hand pins, bumper stickers, t-shirts and many more pro-life
items -
Heritage House

Pregnancy center with alternatives to abortion -
First Coast Women's Service

Safe Haven Law

Signs that save lives - Anti-Abortion Signs

Site to expose as many people as possible to the truth about abortion - Human Life

St. Augustine March For Life -

Student pro-life day of silent solidarity for those who cannot speak - Silent Day

Women who are concerned for the mothers and unborn baby - Concerned Women for

Youth movement committed to end the horror of abortion - Generation