Have you considered adoption?
"I am a 43 year old single mom, who more than anything wanted to be a mother.
After years of trying to conceive, there was no success.  I began to feel depressed
and alone. I explained my situation to a very close friend.  Her response was     
“why not adopt”. I began to visit the library, read books on the adoption experience
and involve myself by attending adopting seminars.  After attending the first
seminar, I cried all the way home.  I knew this was the path for me to take.  After
beginning the adoption process, six months later I received a call.  It was the social
worker informing me that my son had been born.  

This experience has changed my life from that day up until now.  I have a beautiful
son who has added so much love and joy to my life.  He is my inspiration.  I am
happier now than I have ever been.  What a Blessing he has been for me and my
family.  I share my story everywhere I go.   Never give up hope and belief.  
Miracles happen every day.  I would like to encourage all mothers who are not in a
situation to care for their unborn child and have to make a choice, please consider
adoption.  There are numerous loving families who are struggling through fertility
issues who would love the chance to be able to adopt.  Children are a gift.        
They are a Blessing and they deserve a chance to have a wonderful life."

To learn more about adoption, please visit:

Florida Baptist Children's Homes


Florida's Adoption Program

National Council for Adoption